And so it begins.

Published June 4, 2011 by criticaditelevisore

This little project of mine has been one that I have wanted to start for a while now. Yes, I am young, and completely inexperienced in the professional world of analyzing and reviewing media, film or television. I can only say that my passion for immersing myself in another world, another universe is what has me returning to see what new tales are being offered.

For me, my passion started with the stage. No, not as an actress or singer, but as a set designer. By no means is this an assertion of credibility – I am merely a TV/movie obsessed female who probably has too much time on her hands. Maybe one day I can work on stage design again, but for now I believe it is the right time to start my TV/movie blog. I won’t restrict myself by genre, decade, or network. I thank those who come across this in passing, and those who hopefully will stick with me as I continue writing here. Onward!


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